Thursday, November 19, 2015

Guatemala 2016 San Miguel Del Lago Orphanage

When: First Week In August TBD
Where: Guatemala 2016 San Miguel Del Lago Orphanage -- Villa Neva, Guatemala Central America

How: Fly from Indianapolis to Houston and from Houston to Guatemala City. Mini-bus to the Orphanage

Number of people who are 18 years old for Mission Team: Eleven (11) including a Priest.

Total Cost: $1,100. Each team member is required to submit a $200 deposit. The balance is due by Monday, April 4, 2016 . These costs can be underwritten by fund-raising efforts (individual or community).

Contact Information: Mike and Helen Young: (317-841-3508) or email:

Orphanage Website:  

General Info: San Migul el Lago is an orphanage with approximately 60 children from infancy to 18+ years old. These children are abandoned, orphaned, or assigned to the orphanage due to lack of resources at home. 80% of the children have been mistreated or abused. They are cared for in a special home which provides food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education. Three Orthodox nuns, led by Mother Ivonne, administer the orphanage. All children are baptized in the Orthodox Church, attend Divine Services regularly, sing in the Divine Liturgy, and participate in the Sacraments of the Church.

What will I do: Missionaries bring suit cases full of needed supplies, containing arts and crafts, medical items, educational material, clothing and shoes. Teams bring cash donations from their own parishes. Team members spend much time interfacing with the children, playing games, and teaching them many things, such as arts and crafts, depending on the special team skills. Some teams provide medical, dental, audio and eye screening. Teams perform manual labor, such as, plumbing, equipment repair, painting, electrical and yard work as needed. Most importantly, the team members bond with the children and provide an example of Orthodox Christian living. Teams also visit the monastery and the Ancient City of Antigua, (an hour away) for shopping opportunities.

Living Accommodations: Team members stay at the missionary quarters in the complex. These quarters have running water, showers, and electricity. Some units have individual rooms and some are large rooms shared by a number of people. Bottle drinking water is always available in the missionary quarters if needed.

Caring for Orphaned, Abandoned and Abused Children