Saturday, November 28, 2015

Turn, Turn, Turn

Chris Hillman, Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer and original member of the legendary sixties band The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, and The Desert Rose Band, reminisces with Illumined Heart host Kevin Allen about his 40 years in the music business and the spiritual journey that led him to the Greek Orthodox Church.

I played Monterrey and then within a matter of two years I played Altamont where the man was killed on stage. This was dark and satanic. I was not spiritually active at that time.

I accepted Christ in 1972 with Al Perkins who was a very devote Evangelical Christian and had been in the band, in the Flying Burrito Brothers with me and then came with me to Manassas and I accepted Jesus with Al and prayed with him. ...but I didn’t follow through on it as a Christian

It was almost like that old funny anecdote, The Foxhole Conversion. The man’s in the fox hole amidst the battle, “Dear God in heaven, please let me survive this. I will follow the tenets of Jesus for the rest of my life. Of course as soon as the battle is over and he’s fine he forgets about it.

That’s the old foxhole conversion. That’s what I went through. As soon as everything was fine I went, “Oh, you know.” The world’s got hold of me again. It’s my best way I can put it.

The world grabbed me and held on to me for another eight years. Anyway from Manassas 1972, which was musically a great band, worked with Steven Stills and worked for two years and then I went into another group and another group and did a couple of solo albums throughout the 70’s. The 70’s were a very indulgent decade.

There were a lot of people that I lost during the 1970’s one of which was Gram Parson’s who I loved dearly. Gram and I started the Flying Burrito Brothers. Gram got really seduced by the dark side and that eventually killed him. I lost so many people during that period of time that one decade of the 70’s. I think Satan was working overtime then.

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