Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Holy Prophet of God Elijah and Russian Airborne

Elijah's Day

 Russian Airborne Troops are celebrating St. Prophet Elijah and his intercessory ministry.

This celebration traces its roots from the famous nabat in St. Elijah's church consecrated in year 7029 from Adam (1521 A.D.) near the Red Square on 17 May, 1606 signaling the citizen-led overthrow of the imposter False Dimitry and replacing him with
elected Michael I of Russia. It is Tsar Michael who instituted the annual St. Elijah procession to honor his intercessory prayers for Russian people and the State.


The Elijah's Day Celebration

All-night Vigil

Prayer Service of Intercession and Supplication

Divine Liturgy

Celebratory Procession

Concert, Dinner and "at ease"

Since the the fist commemoratory procession in early VII century at the orderds of Tsar Michael I, every church dedicated to St Prophet Elijah conducts this procession on Aug the 2nd - the day of fiery ascension of St Prophet Elijah. More