Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Holy and Great Council 2016

Holy and Great Council 2016


Holy and Great Council 2016


18 to 27 June, 2016


The Orthodox Academy of Crete


The opening of the Council will take place after the Divine Liturgy of the feast of Pentecost, and the closure – the Sunday of All Saints, according to the Orthodox calendar.

Thus ends the long drawn work of preparing the council that lasted forty years.

The merit of its methodology – the consensus method (or decisions taken unanimously), which has been also the main difficulty would assure that the Holy and Great Council will be the manifestation of the unity of the Orthodox Church, not the occasion of schisms or divisions.

For this, Orthodox believers should pray that the Comforter inspire and direct the Fathers of the Council.

That is why the Primates, meeting at the Synaxis in January 2016 in Chambésy “humbly invoke the grace and blessing of the Holy Trinity and ardently invite to prayer the fullness (pleroma) of the Church, clergy and laity, during the period leading to the Holy and Great Council and during it” (press release of 27 January 2016).

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